Design at Monkhouse Hill

  • Fidget Interior Design

    Alison Tordoff, one of the most exciting interior designers in Cumbria, has given our cottages a contemporary Cumbrian feel whilst retaining and enhancing the traditional architectural features of each.

    Neither ‘cottage twee’ nor ‘sterile minimal’ but a style successfully sitting comfortably in between.

  • 'Out of the Woods' Furniture

    Over the years we have installed much rustic locally made dining and living room furniture from John Purcell at Out of the Woods.

    More recently we have used his contemporary styles as part of the redesign of several cottage interiors. All our cottages now have Out of the Woods furniture.

  • Contemporary Artwork

    Each cottage features an unusual style of colour matched tapestry artwork commissioned from June Stock.

    Rachel Kelly pieces for us including the stunning tree which grows across the large wall in Raven Howe.

    Julie Ann Scott’s impressionistic landscapes feature in the dining area of Round Knott.

  • Off the Wall

    Award winning glass designer Jo Vincent's superb glass bowls adorn our dining tables. Iain Worthington has ceated the stunning mirror in Fisher Gill and blacksmith Lucy Sandys-Clarke ironwork features in Brae Fell.

    John Kershaw's wheel-thrown pottery features in Great Calva and, a must for Cumbria, each cottage boasts its own ‘flock’ of metal sheep!