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Through this form you may order from the following if they would be of assistance to you during your stay - we would put any items requested into the cottage ready for your arrival. There is no charge for this service.

Larger items such as wheelchairs and commodes can be borrowed from the British Red Cross for guests who require these during their stay. Please contact the Red Cross directly at Unit 11, Clifford Court, Carlisle CA3 0JG, telephone 01228 552486 to arrange this service.


All orders through this form must be placed at least 10 DAYS before the date of your arrival.


Carver chair (with arms)
Suction grab rails (600mm long). Can be positioned as required in bathroom
Suction grab rails (300mm long). Can be positioned as required in bathroom
Sets of lever tap extender attachments
Toilet seat raiser and frame combined
Toilet seat raiser without frame
Swing top bin
Portable bathroom storage shelving
Non-slip bath mat
Shaving adaptor for use in normal socket
Portable soap dish
Pincer grippers
Bath/shower seat
Bath/shower step
Bath/shower board
Illuminated magnifying glass
Reserved double-width car parking bay for wheelchair users

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