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Access Statement - Fisher Gill Cottage

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.



Fisher Gill Cottage is ideal for couples who want a romantic self catering holiday. Set in a rural location at Monkhouse Hill, a 300 year old converted Cumbrian hill farm. The collection of Eleven cottages are in a courtyard setting which is set within six acres of grounds. There are fields to three sides of us and the B road from which we gain access on the fourth side.
Fisher Gill Cottage has one bedroom with adjacent dressing room and normally sleeps two guests. However, the cottage is also ideal for a family of two plus one small child as we can put a cot or child’s Z bed into the dressing room.
Fisher Gill Cottage is on the ground floor of a converted farmworkers cottage built about 100 years ago. The cottage is fully refurbished in a contemporary Cumbrian style.
We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 016974 76254 or email


  • The nearest railway station is Carlisle, approximately 18lm/11mi from Monkhouse Hill. No bus service is available, but taxis can be booked from or over the phone on 01228 527575.
  • Shopping can be delivered at your cottage using the postcode CA5 7HW, and selecting Monkhouse Hill Farm in the drop down option. In the extra information, please state your cottage name. Sainsburys, Tescos and Asda all deliver to Monkhouse Hill.
  • We have a Welcome All Assistance Cupboard – please ask us to email the inventory to you when you book and let us know what you would like to borrow. These items will be put into the cottage ready for your arrival. Additionally, wheelchairs and commodes can be borrowed from the local Red Cross.

Key Collection, Welcome and Car Parking

  • There is an automatic gate outside the cottages which opens when a car activates the sensor (no key/remote needed).
  • Parking is available on site for all cottages, maximum distance to cottage is 60m, but closer, wider parking spaces can be reserved on request (30m distance).
  • Parking areas are loose stones, with paved walkways to the Reception and your cottage.
  • You can come to reception on arrival from 4pm until 5.30pm to be shown around your cottage but keys will be in the door ready for your arrival.
  • A familiarisation tour of your cottage is offered on arrival.
  • The parking areas, and most access paths are lit at night. There is an outside light above each cottages entrance, which can be operated from inside and outside.

Entrance to Property

  • A 10m paved path leads from the main drive to the cottage entrance, with one 30mm step.
  • The main door is 750mm wide over a 30mm lip. This leads onto half tile and half fitted door matting.
  • After the porch, an 800mm wide door leads through into the main living area. There is a 150mm step.
  • The entrance is well lit both outside and inside, and outside lights are switched on prior to arrival at night.

Halls, Stairs, Landings, Passageways

  • The cottage is all on a single level, with an open layout meaning no halls or passageways.
  • All areas adjoining the kitchen/living room/dressing room/bathroom are covered with short pile carpet.
  • All areas are well lit using a combination of ceiling lights and adjustable ceiling spot lights.

Sitting Room/Lounge

  • The lounge is all on one level, situated down a 150mm step from the porch (as mentioned in the Entrance to Property section).
  • There is a 3 person couch, and a 2 person couch. Tables are low (400mm), and all furniture is moveable to allow access.
  • There is a 26” widescreen digital television with remote control, subtitle, and a DVD player.
  • A log stove is situated on a 50mm high flagstone.
  • Lighting is a mixture of table lamps, and adjustable ceiling spotlights.
  • The floor covering is fitted short pile carpet, with a large rug in the centre.

Dining Room

  • The dining area is situated within the living space, near to the kitchen entrance.
  • There is space around the table for a wheelchair, and the height between the floor and the underside of the table is 670mm.
  • Chairs are upright without arms, but upright chairs with arms can be provided upon request. All chairs are moveable.
  • The area is lit via adjustable ceiling spot lights.
  • The floor covering is fitted short pile carpet.


  • The kitchen is adjacent to the main living area, with step free, level access.
  • The doorway is 810mm wide.
  • The worktop/sink/hob are 920mm above the floor. The microwave is situated on top of the worktop.
  • The door of the oven drops down, with the handle being 650mm above the floor.
  • Washer/dryer
  • The highest shelf in the fridge/freezer is 700mm above the floor.
  • Wall cupboards are 1800mm from the floor, but contents (such as glasses and crockery) can be moved to lower cupboards upon request.
  • Sink tap is dual control mixer tap.
  • The kettle is cordless, and able to rotate 360 degrees.
  • The kitchen is lit with adjustable ceiling spotlights.
  • The floor is tiled.

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas

  • There is 1 sleeping area, which is split into a bedroom and a dressing room.
  • Into the sleeping area there is an 830mm doorway, with a 50mm step. From the dressing room to the bedroom, there is an 800mm doorway, with a 150mm step.
  • The bed is a fixed double bed. The lowest point is 200mm above the floor. The top of the mattress is 500mm above the floor.
  • There is 900mm of space between the wall and the side of the bed.
  • All furniture is movable, though the bed has limited movement.
  • All drawers are less than 750mm high, and there is a fixed wardrobe rail at 1500mm.
  • Colour contrast between the floor, walls and doorways is medium.
  • All bedding is non-feather, and this cottage is a pet free zone.
  • The floor covering is fitted short pile carpet.
  • Lighting is provided through a combination of ceiling lights and table lamps.

Bathrooms, Shower-rooms and Toilets

  • From the living area, the bathroom is on step free level access.
  • The door opening is 650mm wide.
  • The shower is over the bath, the sides of which are 550mm above the ground.
  • The WC seat is 430mm above the ground.
  • The height of the washbasin is 830mm, and there is a narrow pedestal underneath the sink.
  • The bath tap is a dual control mixed tap, the sink has two individually controlled taps.
  • Removable support/grab rails, toilet raisers and other access enhancing equipment can be provided on request.
  • The room is lit by a ceiling light, which is cord operated. There is also a light contained within the mirror.
  • The colour contrast of floor, walls and towels is low. The contrast between the door and other items is high.
  • The floor is tiled.


  • The cottages are set in 5 acres of land. Most land is undulating, and paths are cut grass, there are no hardcore paths in place.
  • Fisher Gill cottage has a paved seating area outside the main entrance, where plastic garden chairs are placed in the in summer months. Plastic garden tables can also be provided.
  • There is a mixture of wooded areas, lawns, longer grass and wild flowers. There are also two ponds with an adjoining stream. Grass can be boggy in wet weather.

Additional Information

  • Dogs are welcome in the cottage.
  • Overall the colour contrast in the cottage is good, aside from the bathroom.
  • The nearest hospital is situated in Carlisle. Postcode CA2 7HY.
  • The nearest doctors surgery is situated in Caldbeck, approximately 4mi away. Telephone 016974 78254. Postcode CA7 8DS.
  • Internet access is available free of charge through a wifi network which works in all cottages.
  • EE (including Orange and T-Mobile) have strong 3G/4G mobile reception, O2 and Vodafone have reasonable 2G/3G reception, other networks have more limited reception and are less likely to work indoors.
  • Camera’s are in operation in public area’s

Local Equipment Hire

  • We keep a range of assistance items here at Monkhouse Hill, and can borrow others from the local Red Cross – see Welcome All Assistance Cupboard.